We provide founders easy and fast access to growth capital.

Logicap is your trusted financing partner for start-ups and growth-companies across Europe.

By applying Revenue-based Financing, we provide funding without asking for equity or control over company in return. Besides, we also don´t believe on onerous covenants or reporting requirements. Because to us, this is what venture funding is all about – enabling your business to scale up while keeping you in full control.

How it works?

Your company receives money from Logicap in exchange for sharing a certain percentage of your future revenues over a certain time. Aside from the time, the total amount is also capped at a certain rate of the initial investment provided, thus limiting the payback of your company under any scenario.

Why partner with Logicap?

In the current world of venture capital, founders need to jump many hoops in order to receive equity: Due diligence processes, complex investment structures, and limited operational independence based on restrictive investor business guidelines.
In the 21st century, fundraising should no longer be a long and time-consuming undertaking. We focus on the needs of young growth companies and provide you with capital as it suits you – no strings attached.

Do you apply?

Companies we are usually looking for are keen to add value in any kind of prospective growth markets.


Revenue-based Financing combines the advantages of venture funding with the predictability of common banking debt.
To see whether Logicap works for the current financial needs of your company, check our comparison below.